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ÆSIR International Ltd. is a frequent contributor to The Ontario Technologist Magazine. Read some of our more recent articles by clicking on the links below.

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3D Or Not 3D? That is the Question
Making the move from plans to models.

Managing Your CAD Data
The proliferation of office networks and the sharing of CAD design tasks among several employees can create challenges. Find out how to manage them.

Pushing Through the Glass Ceiling
Technicians and Technologists can find themselves pushed up against a glass ceiling if they have no way to demonstrate leadership ability.

Software Piracy and the OACETT Code of Ethics
Are you aware of the OACETT Code of Ethics and how they affect software piracy?

Software Piracy - Comparing Engineers and Architects
A survey of 1500 professionals was recently conducted by Ipsos (IDC) regarding risks related to software piracy issues. The results were surprising.